I am trying to use up some of my pantry/fridge/freezer food this week and I realized I had several filets of tilapia in the freezer.  I didn’t really feel like fish and veggies and rice – I wanted something a little more fun.  And tacos ARE fun.

One of the best things about these fish tacos was the chipotle-mayo sauce that I made from Tyler Florence’s recipe.  Chipotles canned in adobo + adobo sauce + mayo + sour cream = delicious.


I stupidly made the entire batch, which is way too much sauce for us.  Also, it’s a little more pinkish than pictured below:


I cut the tilapia in 1 inch strips and set up a breading station: flour; egg; and panko.

DSC01323 DSC01324

I put a generous douse of canola oil in the pan. DSC01325 DSC01326

Once the fish was cooked, it was onto the topping station.  I had fresh chopped cilantro, sliced radish, fresh cabbage, and of course, the chipotle mayo. DSC01327  DSC01329 DSC01330

These were really good.  They are light and have a great combination of flavors.  The chipotle mayo really gives it a kick and the texture of radish and cabbage makes it crunchy.

Speaking of cabbage, I had a lot leftover from a fresh head of cabbage so I made some slaw – I also added cilantro, yogurt, carrots, rice vinegar, and sour cream. DSC01331

The downside of homemade coleslaw is the quantity.  Unless you are feeding a crowd, it doesn’t really make sense to make it yourself.  Well, unless you prefer to eat slaw at every meal all week.  Whatever floats your boat!